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YouthLink has defined itself as a Service for Auroville. The service is run by a group of Young Adults and works with a large number of mentors by ‘linking’ to different Auroville working groups, services, and units. The overall goal for YouthLink is to enable youth integration in all areas of the community. Young people coming through YouthLink have several different ways in which they work to integrate themselves in Auroville. They can be small or larger initiatives depending on the capacity of the youth. When projects are initiated under the YouthLink umbrella, they are provided with mentorship to develop their proposals, and support to understand Auroville ideals and context.

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Town Hall, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India IN

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Creation date 2015
Pedagogies UnschoolingUnschooling
Topics Community, Education, EconomyCommunity, Education, Economy
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Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
Volunteers ⧼rv-ecoversity:reply-⧽
Virtual None
Gatherings India International Gathering 2018India International Gathering 2018
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