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Combining the ingredients of people, food, and fabric to engage in community learning that honors people’s lived experiences, using our stories as a means of creating meaning and shared learning. Our process is one of asking questions as to what we’re consuming in mind and body, and how that reflects on our souls, in the hopes of finding healing.

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Jabal Al Weibdeh - Nadim Mallah Street # 21, Amman, Amman, Jordan JO

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Creation date 2012
Pedagogies Spiritual Learning, UnschoolingSpiritual Learning, Unschooling
Topics Food, Healing, Community, Agriculture, Education, Politics, PoliticsFood, Healing, Community, Agriculture, Education, Politics, Politics
Economic model ⧼rv-ecoversity:reply-⧽
Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
Volunteers Yes
Virtual None
Gatherings Portugal International Gathering 2015
Costa Rica International Gathering 2017
India International Gathering 2018
Mexico International Gathering 2019Portugal International Gathering 2015,Costa Rica International Gathering 2017,India International Gathering 2018,Mexico International Gathering 2019
Active in regions