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Ojo de Sol is a 10-weekend training, but it is also a journey into life. That's why we call the people who participate in Ojo de Sol bionauts. A journey into yourself, but also a journey to find out how the world around you works. A journey to discover what life has to offer you and what you can offer life. Eye of the Sun is a journey through science and consciousness, matter and spirit, ancestral wisdom and Gaia's intelligence, collective intelligence and permaculture, gift economy and service to others. All this accompanied by transversal activities such as personal and collective work with theatre, the work of caring for the earth, group dynamics to learn to work collaboratively and other tools for your personal development.

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Urobia, Parque Ecológico. Partida Racó del Pastor s/n, Urba, , Spain ES

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Creation date 2019
Pedagogies Holistic EducationHolistic Education
Topics Community, Economy, Permaculture, Healing, LeadershipCommunity, Economy, Permaculture, Healing, Leadership
Economic model Tariffed
Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
Volunteers Yes
Virtual None
Gatherings India International Gathering 2018India International Gathering 2018
Active in regions