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Using a pedagogy of hope, resistance, and love, Verandah International University (VIU: A place to see and Experience the World) engages in the education process through a multi-prong approach. The purpose of VIU is to be a Community Based University (CBU) that approach to education engages racialized and marginalized community members who have not been traditionally engaged by the Canadian education system. Our approach to education at VIU for our learners and educators should be two folds: (1) Continuous learning about the outside world, critically consider the world that you live in, (2) continuous learning about yourself as an individual, strengthen the muscle of your intuition to critically think about your growth as a human being.

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49-10 Alford Crescent, Scarborough, Toronto, Canada., Ontario, Canada CA

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Creation date 2007
Pedagogies Popular EducationPopular Education
Topics ParentingParenting
Economic model Voluntary payment
Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
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Virtual Partial
Gatherings Portugal International Gathering 2015
Costa Rica International Gathering 2017
India International Gathering 2018
Mexico International Gathering 2019Portugal International Gathering 2015,Costa Rica International Gathering 2017,India International Gathering 2018,Mexico International Gathering 2019
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