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We made a call for an Ecoversities Gathering of Kindred Folk Re-imagining Higher Education in August 2015 at Tamera eco-village in southern Portugal. Calling out to our networks and to the many initiatives and individuals we came to know on our journey, with the generous support from several individuals and organizations, we gathered a group of 55 ‘Ecoversity’ higher education innovators.

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Tamera, , , Portugal PT

Start date 2015/08/01
End date 2015/08/06
Type of gathering international

This gathering took place in Tamera Peace Research & Education Center, Portugal.


In this gathering, a total of 8 Ecoversities were present, including:

Auroville Botanical Garden, Comunidad de Paz San Jose de Apartado, Gaia U Latina - ERES, Generation Waking Up, Red Crow Community College, Tamera Peace Research & Education Center, The Journey Network, Ubiquity University