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Unidivesidade das Kebradas is an initiative that offers opportunities for exchanges of experiences and practical learning between communities based on real projects that solve social and environmental issues and dilemmas of the planet. Recognizing the diversity of places of learning and power, the Unidiversity of the Kebradas honors communities, favelas, and other places of resistance. It is a breaking down of distances, prejudices, and old paradigms.

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, Rio de Janiero, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil BR

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Creation date 2019
Pedagogies Green Pedagogy, Popular EducationGreen Pedagogy, Popular Education
Topics Education, Community, Economy, Spirituality, Agriculture, FoodEducation, Community, Economy, Spirituality, Agriculture, Food
Economic model ⧼rv-ecoversity:reply-⧽
Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
Volunteers ⧼rv-ecoversity:reply-⧽
Virtual None
Gatherings Mexico International Gathering 2019Mexico International Gathering 2019
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