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The Kejtsitani Bonfire aims to research, document, safeguard and disseminate our values, customs and customs, as well as our struggles. Collective memory is safeguarded through oral history; it is a manifestation of the intangible cultural heritage; furthermore, its consultation and dissemination is promoted. At the same time, oral history allows us to recognise ourselves as members of a community with a common past and common interests. The recovery of cultural traditions makes it possible for the protagonists of social movements to become aware of the history they generate and to recover as many voices as possible in order to democratise the exercise of history.

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, Cherán, Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico MX

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Creation date 2015
Pedagogies Popular EducationPopular Education
Topics Indigenous Knowledges, Gender, Economy, Spirituality, Community, HealingIndigenous Knowledges, Gender, Economy, Spirituality, Community, Healing
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Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
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