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One of the objectives of this school is to share knowledge, experiences and identities, thus generating collective knowledge and better levels of community organization. To strengthen local, state, national and Latin American peasant networks in order to contribute to the construction of new and better levels of political organization. To show and share alternative ways of living agriculture and construction, which help to initiate or strengthen community and organizational processes and to achieve, from the coexistence in the workshops, a life experience that shows the reality of how to live together. A characteristic of this rural school is that it is itinerant, comprising 4 modules of 5 days each and will be carried out in 4 different places in order to live the experience that the theme of the module works.

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, Jalisco, Michoacán, Mexico MX

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Pedagogies Green Pedagogy, Popular EducationGreen Pedagogy, Popular Education
Topics Agriculture, Indigenous Knowledges, Natural-Building, Education, Economy, CommunityAgriculture, Indigenous Knowledges, Natural-Building, Education, Economy, Community
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Ages Adultsadults
Type No formal
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Gatherings Mexico International Gathering 2019Mexico International Gathering 2019
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